This is the reservation system you can use to reserve study spaces in the Rizal Library.


Room Policies / Conditions

Any faculty member, administrator or staff member of the Loyola Schools is eligible to use the room for academic or administrative purposes free of charge.

When using the room, the following rules should be observed:

  • Decorum of facilitator and participant should be consistent with Loyola Schools policies, regulations and guidelines. Food or drinks cannot be brought into the Global Classroom. This is an absolute prohibition.
  • Facilitator and participants must heed the instructions of the resident technician.
  • Unless coordinated with the technician, USBs cannot be used to transfer files.
  • On the dates the room is used, the requesting unit must have a representative present in the room.
  • Facilitators and students should bring their own headphones/earphones to use during class.
  • Individual mobile phones and laptops may be used in class. If allowed by the facilitator, access to wi-fi and interactive projector can be provided with the help of the technician.
  • Any damage caused by participants in the room will be assessed by the library and charged to the host unit. A quote for replacement or repair will be submitted to the host unit.
  • If requested, files used during the session can be transferred into a USB or e-mailed to the facilitator.